Worthy of a spontaneous throwback. #wy #windriverrange #backpacking #flyfishing #catchandrelease #brook #trout
In support for #breastcancer come to Therapy Salon and get a pink streak to raise money and awareness! #dosomethinggood @sarahzebb
Mountain princess. #tarathedog #wolf #spiritdog
One out of many beautiful #brooktrout caught in the #WindRiverRange #Wyoming this past weekend. There’s nothing like getting deeper further and higher into the backcountry. #missingtheoutdoors #iatehisbrother #flyfishing photocred: @kskillet
Mountain vibes and some #flyfishing. #soothingthesoul
Had an amazing time with this pretty lady at the beerfest in breck! Love our little duo:) #ilovebeer #beerfest #rainorshine  (at Breckenridge, Co)
language pulls ourselves from a different experience.

Have you ever thought that lauguage, and living in a society that requires logical-start to end thought processes pulls you away from a different kind of experience? An experience free from the chatter you hear every single day. From the moment you wake up to the second you fall a sleep. Even dreams in themselves, what would they be like without language? 

Yes words language etc are all necessary in our lives, but not half as good as the wind brushing against your face, the smells that filter through your nose. What if we had to choose? 

Would our concepts about the world essentially be different if we didn’t have language to connect things in the world together? Would our cognitive ability be significantly different in the sense that we cannot understand the symbols of what an object means. Yes, an object would still be there but would a table be a table in our minds if we didn’t have the name to establish what it is relevant to our external world? 

A man that had no language at the age of 27 didn’t understand that things had names to them. Being born deaf, he was still an intelligent being, but he had no concept of words. He did not connect the idea that things had names and we can use those names to give direction, reflect, and understand them. One day a lady found a way to explain this to him. Soon he began to understand what language was. Explaining later that it was like a light switched on and filled the darkness in his mind. When he was asked about how he use to think before he understood language, he said i don’t know I don’t remember. 

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One of the beautiful #brook #trout from this weekend. It was exciting to see the fish finally go for dry flies, and this one jumped right up for it. #stoked #flyfishing #beauty #ifishlikeagirl
Bored on Sunday afternoon is sometimes nice. #braids #selfie
Awesome adventure today. There’s nothing like being in the mountains and catchn all them fish. #forestlakes #stillseelines #flyfishing #soloadventure
My Champion. #tarathedog #champ #beast #wolfdog
"You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain." -Tom Hiddleston #mountains #life #backpacking #backcountry
His connection to the mountains is an essential expression and aspect of his personality iv not only fallen in love with him but with his passion as well. Thank you for taking me to the top of the world. Happy belated birthday baby, love you more then anything! Xoxo @kskillet  (at Crater Lakes)
An epic day out on #Torrey’s today. Got a good dose of mountain goats, great weather, and even shredded #naked in memory of the one and only #shanemcconkey #shrednaked #backcountry  (at Torrey’s Peak)
Dropping! #whatbigeyesyouhave #couloirhunting #gore @kskillet