Another awesome day in the #backcountry. Looking up at our 3000 vert shred and boot pack at #buffalomtn #silvercouloir. Ended up being the last group to go down, and the snow softened up perfectly just in time for our decent. #shredhigh
One of the most essential things to have in the backcountry is a knowledgable ad motivational partner to push you to the summit and elevate you to new heights. Thanks for always pushing me to reach the top and showing me what it feels like to fly. #springshred #lucky and #blessed 🙏 @kskillet
Skypilot Couloir - James Peak


It was a tuesday night when Sasha and I decided it was time to give James Peak a go. The avalanche danger in the Front Range was projected to fall to low by wednesday morning, and with the deep persistant slab problem off the list, we figured it was time to check out some of the couloirs in our…

Keegan’s trip report of our day out in the backcountry. 

Shredding hard this spring!

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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) from his Pine Ridge Indian Reservation work (@NatGeo cover story Aug 2013) showing at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles thru April 27 as part of “The Power of Photography: 125 years of @NatGeo photography” Check it out! Aaron will be giving out free signed/editioned posters of his Pine Ridge work and signing books at the space this Thursday. For details follow @argonautphoto by natgeo
Snow day

A pop of yellow!

مآ أجمّل أنْ تصمتْ
فيْ ؤجهْ منْ ينتظرْ منِك الخِصَام 

وما أجمل أنْ تضحك
فيْ وجهْ منْ يُنتظرْ منك البكـاءْ

How beautiful is it to stay silent
When someone expects you to be enraged from them.
And how beautiful it is to laugh
When someone thinks you are going to shed tears.

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  the road to Fitzroy | marion faria

An Aura
Bathroom stall comments. 

What is life when you stop looking for adventure? 

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